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Hahahaha... very much like that the poster of VAMPIRE DIARIES above Wrote 'LOVE SUCKS" hahaaha..

Well this is my new template blog Now..WELCOME2 in2 dont worry Im not a vampire..hahaha feel free to come into my blog.. =D =PP

As u all know I am now become Vamp D. big fan and if u dont know what the hell is VD look at this template pic, they both are the main characters from The Vampire Diaries series from the USA channel CW.. They are Elena and Stefan whose play by Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley.

well The Vampire Diaries skrg tlah menjadi fav series ku skrg nih..haaha cerita nya agak menariklah...lagi best dari TWILGHT movie...but series ni adaptation drpd novel lama thn 1991..tapi agak berbeza sdikit cerita drpd novelnya..diubah sedkit..but ku suka lagi jalan crita dlm series drpd novel sebenarnya...hehehe =)

The Story of this series “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” :-

Damon Salvatore. Elena Gilbert , Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries is based on a novel series penned by L.J. Smith where you are given the insight into the diary of 17-year old Elena Gilbert,( Nina Dobrev ) who lived in a small and mysterious town called "Mystic Falls" town. Elena and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy ( Steven R. McQueen ), live with their Aunt Jenna since their parents were killed in a tragic car accident last Spring 2009. )Elena and her lil brother are still trying to cope with their grief and move on with their lives. Elena has always been the star student, beautiful, popular and involved with school and friends, but now she finds herself struggling to hide her sadness from the world. As the school year begins, Elena and her friends are fascinated by a mysterious new student, name Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) who just arrived there in their school. Stefan actually is a vampire but had stopped feed on human blood for about ten years and he had a big brother name Damon( Ian Somerhalder). Damon is the embodiment of vampire violence and brutality and also is a bad vampire and he always like to kill peoples and still feed on human bloodsss..Stefan really dont like his brother much.. Elena's best friend are Bonnie ( Katerina Graham ) who turned out to be a witch (good witch) after a couple of episode in this series and Caroline Forbes ( Candice Accola )an ordinary and fashionable gedik girl, and elena's former boyfriend Matt Donovan( Zach Roerig).Stefan and Elena are immediately drawn to one another, and Elena has no way of knowing that Stefan is a centuries-old vampire, struggling to live peacefully among humana. Stefan and Damon are well known as the Salvatore brothers for over many centuries among the vampires and there is an interesting stories behind it on how they turned out to become a vampire.... They actually live in year 1864 during the civil war in the united state of america. The story is they had fall in love with a same woman named Katherine pierce (play by Nina dobrev)that become a guest in their house one day. She actually is a vampire and she had turned them into vampire before she is killed by the villagers and all is because stefan's fault and thats why they 2 not very good to each other, damon n stefan.. and elena's face is actually have a really the same look with katherine's face and that's the reason why stefan returned back to Mystic falls town after many years he left this town...and what interest most is his brother,Damon also returned back to that town with a new agenda of it.....!!!!....he also knows abt Elena resemblance Katherine and try to interupt Stefan with it. Finally after a few episodes, elena discovererd the truth secret of stefan by investigate by her ownself, when she saw the video of a murder case " attack of beast" during 1953 that happened in the Salvatore old manor house and she saw stefan face try to hide in the video and the video is taken 50 years ago. this is because of the incidence that happen in a bar, when one old guy said he knew Stefan and he suprised that stefan didnt change and not grow old at all and that makes Elena confused and eager to investigate about stefan. then stefan told all the truth and story to elena and elena at first not accepted it but after a at last she accepted it that he and damon is a vampire. Bonnie, elena's best friend finally know that she is a WITCH,who told by her gradmother that their ancestor are from the Salem town and had flee to Mystic fals town and lived here till now. There turned out to be Bonnies great great grandmother, name Emily, she is maid for Katherine during 1864..and she had saved katherine and others vampire from burned to death by the villagers by keeping them in a tomb deep in the forest with her enchanted magic spell. She also made a ring that can make a vampire able to walk out through sunlight during the daylight and then also can prevent suspicious from people of who they really are "vampire" and the Salvatore's brothers also have this ring too which is gave by Katherine and they also can walk during day by using this ring. The reasons why Damon return back is because he wants to release Katherine from the tomb but Stefan try to stop him when he knew, but at last he agreed bcause he wants to get rid of his brother from this town A.S.A.P!!.. So he, elena, bonnie and bonnie's grandmother agree to help him and to do so, they need a witch and the witch are bonnie and her grandmother,(who knew stefan long time ago when she was a girl during 1950's) In episode 14, the more shocking occurs when the tomb is open, katherine was not there and Damon really mad abt it and threw packet of blood that he wants to gave to katherine. when they go out without Kat, that blood causes other vampire woke up and try to get out from the tomb!...Anna,a vampire girl who Stefan and Damon knew during 1864, had returned also to this town to release her mother, whose also katherine's friends trapped in the tomb too. She also came into the tomb and took her mother out from the tomb and she told Damon that Katherine were never have been in that tomb because she escaped from the killing incidence because of the guard let her go. Anna also told Damon that she had saw katherine at 1983 in chicago. Damon was very sad when heard the truth and bonnie's grams also died because of loss a lot energy during the opening of the tomb.. the series continues next thursday, 25th of march!!...and yet! there is still another mysterious maybe happen in mystic falls which is I think, a werewolves bloodline in the Lockwoods family..!! huhuuhu can't wait the mysterioussssssssss continueeee!!... TO BE CONTINUED.... HAHAHAAHHAA..paling siok bercerita niiii.....haha time to rest..penat...adehhh...

here is the quick review of this series...HAHAHAA promote habisss....

Another klip frm one of the episode ( DAmon and Elena ):-

another one klip my favorite episode ( Episode 6) because it tells all abt wht happen :-

another 1 klip :-

Learned from the not let someone u dont know come into ur house cuz, they might be a vamoire...this is bcause vampire cannot come in UNLESSS YOU INVITE THEM into YOUR HOUSE accidently knowing that....HAHAHAHHAHAA just for suka2 not really trust it..=PPPP

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P/s :- I will read the vampire diaries books SOON..!