New Updated about me..

It has been 'quite' a long time since my last updated...well im a bit buzy muahaha no la juz malas mau update ja...ahh now im feeling like to update about my new favorite Korean drama..teehee..

Its called Secret Garden..aka SG.. at first i thought its kinda boring but lama2 rasa mcm best pula ...kui3..especially bila mau hampir2 ending..mmg best gila2 fav ep when they change their body at Jeju island tu..and another one when the heroin is in coma..and the hero try substitute body with the heroin..huhu..quite sad but luckily they both save at last..butt the hero got lost memory pula bila bgn.his memory is 21 years old haha...and there is some incidence why is tht happen..u guys gotta watch it!..this the "kemuncak" drama ni.. mmg bestla jln crita dia.. and finally ingatkan suda la hbs drama ni ep20 ..tgk2 ada lg smbgn dorg mau buat ep 21 and 22...wuarghhh best iim waiting for SG to be continued...besides taht, this drama OST songs ALL ARE VERY2 damn good too!!!..evry day i will listen to it haaha i love mostly "That woman" song and "Appear" the main song OST in this drama...hehe im gonna talk about my preparation to KOREA..haaha yes im going to korea this early May which is on Spring time..YEeHAaa...i already bought some clothes "baju untk time spring ala2 korea" im soo damn excited to go THERE!! its 3 months left (from this date)...
Im plannig to hear song"flight to seoul" by 2PM at the airport connection flight to Seoul gonna be late..i will reach LCCT quite early..and need to wait till abt 4 hours threre!! mataiiii... ottokae..??? lol so i will facebooking n twittering kill my boredom n making my friends jealouss...Ahahaha..~~

So, its take about 6 and a half hour to reach Incheon airport from LCCT..hhuhuhuh..quite long..but STILL not long as my first Long flight to London..which took about 12 hours!!!.. soo what to do again in Incheon airport..?? we again will reach there at night buttt need to sleep at the airport. before depart to Seoul by train to our worries hope there is internet so i can on9..heheh..that would be okay rite...but still dont know if i can sleep or not...its an Airport peepss!!!

This is will be our GUESTHOUSE pic there... : alredy planned where to go to korea..finishh planned hehe now just wait n see if we all can go there smoothly as we were planning..k that all for now.. BYE2...anyeonggg saram!!!